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May 4, 2011

HOLY EFFING CRAP! I ran a mile in 9 minutes and 37 seconds. IT WAS AMAZING. I stopped a few times to catch my breath, but WOW. And it was the last full mile of my run, which makes me even prouder.


If I can maintain that, I can run a sub-30 5k!! or (dream big) a 4:20 marathon! I only would need to shave off an hour for Boston… 😀

I can do this!!!



May 3, 2011

Last night’s run was great! It wasn’t particularly fast, but I did manage 5 intervals at 6 mph for half a mile each. It made me smile. I almost didn’t do the last interval, but I powered through it! Yay me!

A little more update on my goals –

I am finding the not drinking alcohol thing to be a problem. Not the abstaining, but the “You can have whatever you want besides alcohol” mentality. I have not had any wine or beer since Friday, but I find myself WAY over-indulging in other areas. I am feeling good enough about the no-alcohol thing for the rest of the week, so I am going to add desserts to the mantra, starting tomorrow. (No, this is not permission to binge the rest of the day. I am actually kind of sick to my stomach, so I think the rest of the day will be a balancing act already…..) New saying:

“You can eat whatever you want BESIDES alcohol or desserts.”


I kind of scared myself yesterday and today. I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted, so I did. The flood gates opened. I have eaten my way through two different staff rooms. It doesn’t  help that this is Teacher Appreciation Week. There are treats EVERYWHERE! Holy crap. Cheesecake, cream puffs, cookies, red velvet cake, meatloaf(????) bagels, muffins, tarts….on and on and on. The bagels I’m not too worried about, but the treats, oh the treats. I find myself LOOKING for reasons to go in to the staff room, just to see what else the treat gremlins had dropped off.

So now, I can eat whatever I want besides alcohol and desserts. The alcohol I am only going to honor until after my race, then start adding it back in, but small, controlled quantities.

I am going to start adding more things to the “anything but……” part. After I tackle the desserts will be candy.

I know this may seem like a long, roundabout way of cutting out food, but it seems to be working so far (for alcohol at least) If I find myself bingeing like I would when I cut everything out at once, I will stop, re-assess and try a new track. Lets hope this helps my running, energy and swollen body.

April in review

May 2, 2011

I feel so much better now then at the beginning of April. I feel like I have some things figured out.

1. The scale is not my friend.

– I obsess over the scale. No matter how good of a job I’m doing, one bad number on the scale can put me in a funk for a week. ESPECIALLY when I feel like  I’m doing a good job with my eating and working out. So it’s bye-bye scale.

2. I drink too much.

– I am not an alcoholic at all. But I do feel like I drink enough to hinder my running and weight loss efforts. I am currently in a week off of any alcohol, which I am finding easier if I don’t restrict anything else. It is also really successful that way. I just tell myself I can have whatever I want besides alcohol for this week. I will try the same thing with desserts here soon.

3. I need to be better about cross training – but NOT to the point where it hinders my running.

– 60 minutes, 3 days a week on top of running is too much for me to maintain healthily (?) right now.

4. I need to maintain my fueling ALL the time, not just for running. HALT works, I just need to pay more attention to my body.

5. I need to get out of my head more and STOP obsessing about every. little. thing.

As far as my April goals – here is the rundown;

April Goals:

1. Get back down to 190. 

No idea. But after last weeks sugar binge, I’m gonna guess NOT.

2. Strength train at least once a week, preferably on a non-running day.

Got 3 out of 4, but did more like 3 strength training workouts a week. A little much…

3. Start training for the next Half, using Runner’s World’s plan.

Yuppity yup! Next Half – June 19th

4. After the in-laws leave, spend 15 minutes a night tidying up. 

I would call this a 50/50. While I did better, I still have a ways to go.

5. Be in bed by 10 each night, lights out at 10:30. Friday and Saturday lights out by midnight.

Again, about 50/50. I could definitely tell a difference though. And for a few days afterwords.

May Goals

1. PR in 10k at one of 2 races this month (Under 1:15 is a PR – but I would like to get under 1:10)

2. Strength train 2 days a week (only 2)

3. Continue training for the next Half, cross training once or twice a week.

4. Continue to tidy up for 15 minutes a night.

5. Get in bed by 10 on weekdays, lights out at 10:30. Wake up at 6 am EVERY DAY. No more sleeping as late as possible.

6. Menu plan for each week. Be optimistic, but not stupid. Only plan what I have time for.

7. Continue to use the “eff off” approach. (I have been telling my negative side to “eff off” a lot lately. If I get a thought that isn’t helpful or a craving I know I shouldn’t give in to, I tell that thought to “eff off” in not so PC terms. It’s silly, but it’s working so far.)

I have also come up with some incentives based on clothes size as I reach them, but I think that’s a different post.

Hooray goals!!

Good intentions

April 26, 2011

I remember mentally saying to myself – “You have to make today a good day. No one else can.”

So much for that.

Monday sucked. Not gonna beat around the bush. I almost called Mom. I would have, if it wasn’t 9pm her time. (They go to bed early.)

I DID however call DP on the way home and ask him to wait until I got home to leave for work. I needed a hug. He obliged and let me cry into his shoulder until he was most assuredly going to be late. What a nice husband.

The thing that irks me is that I don’t know WHY I was such a teary eyed mess. I decided that the best thing to do would be stay home. Lord knows I didn’t want to start bawling on the elliptical or in front of all my bandmates. I was supposed to go work out and to a rehearsal, but I stayed home. I made the Chicken and Dumplings I have been craving for a month now. I made chocolate chip cookies. THE cookies. I made 2 batches, but in my own defense, one of those batches is going to a friend for fixing my bike. So at most I could only eat 16 of them……

I felt better. I cried. I cooked. I baked. I cleaned up after myself (mostly). I tried to figure out WHY I felt so bad. The closest I can get to it is that this is a busy week, and I was feeling overwhelmed. I let myself break three of the 4 rules of  HALT.





So no, I wasn’t particularly angry, but there were tears coming out for some reason. I think I just need to take each day as it comes, and forget the ones that are gone. I can’t fix what already happened, right? (No Mom, I still haven’t learned that lesson)

I do have a sneaking suspicion (that word looks wrong) that a LOT of the tears may have had to do with the scale. No, this blog isn’t about losing weight per se, but lets face it, It would be nice. And to see the scale go UP (no matter how much more muscle I can feel in my legs) is a devastating occurence. So I am officially getting rid of the scale. I won’t say I don’t care, because what happened Monday is proof I do, but I won’t let myself freak out about it. If the scale isn’t there, I will have to go by how my clothes are fitting and how I am feeling. Which is better for me I think. Bye bye scale.

So tonight I will go home, go for a run, then clean myself up as best as possible  and go smile for the crowds while a group of 7 and 8 year olds are (hopefully) singing their hearts out.

Sorry for the lack of inspiration. If you want, I bet Lisa’s got some to spare. She is currently doing a sugar detox to get ready for giving a new diet plan a try with her hunny. Thinking about the dozen and a half cookies calling my name from the freezer, and the two already in my stomach from the last 24 hours, I think a sugar detox might be needed in a few days…..

How do you deal with that “Gonna cry now” feeling? Do you always know what causes it???

Amazing day!

April 24, 2011

10 miles, almost 4 hours. Normally those numbers would make me want to cry, but not when it was done as a hike! My garmin tells me we climbed 13000 ft, and descended 12900. I call BS. We gained about 1100 ft in elevation over 5 miles, out and back. Enough talk – time for pictures!!

All smiles!

My beloved DP getting HIS picture taken for once!

What a great, sunny day!

Bunny ears FAIL! I was too quick with the shutter! 🙂

The view from the beginning

Part of the trail

"Gorge"ous falls

These are some of the beautiful views we got to see! We started at Eagle Creek Trail head, and went in 5 miles from there. We saw some backpackers turning in for the night on our way back, about 4 miles from the trailhead. They are MUCH braver than me! I love hiking, but it wil take a while for me to feel comfortable sleeping in the woods, especially near a heavily populated trail like this one!

You could literally look straight down to the bottom of the creek!

The falls I went off-trail to get a good picture off. I got glared at for that....

LOVED all the bridges 🙂

All in all, it was a FABULOUS hike. I think we took something like 85 pictures. I have 3 more I want to share, because they are just beautiful!

Pretty yellow flowers that were everywhere up there!

I love the colors and lighting in this picture. 🙂

Another pretty flower!

I love food.

April 22, 2011

And the sun. And beer. Combine all 3 you say??? Well, I think I shall!!

Today is supposed to be my rest day, and I am supposed to run Saturday and Sunday.  But honestly, nothing sounds better than a quick run (4 miles) and then making dinner with the hubby while standing outside drinking a beer. This will serve 2 purposes, firstly, I can get my runs in today and tomorrow, and miss the rain that is supposed to come back on Sunday. And secondly, beer after a run is such a great thing, and add the sun in to the equation, and you have one HAPPY camper!

Yesterday’s run sucked. The good part was that I got out there. The bad part was the WIND. I also didn’t feel like I was pushing myself. My lungs were fine, but my body felt like it was moving in slow motion. I blame myself for not eating enough on Wednesday. I only took in 1250 calories, and I was on the elliptical and weight training that night at the gym. Whoops!!

Yesterday I got back up to about 1800, which means I have SO much more energy today! Woohoo! I also got to sleep in this morning which always helps.

I am finding that energy does not equal patience though. And that 6 year olds want to be outside on a gorgeous day like this just as much as I do. And that they have no self control (again, just like me!). So I imagine I will be spending a LOT of my last few hours at work today OUTSIDE. Have I mentioned I LOVE my job??

I have my heart set on Boston. I have read all the race reports I can get my hands on, and I want to be there. Not as a charity runner (at least not for the 1st time) but as a qualifier. I’m lucky that I work with a woman whose daughter is a major runner. Like, qualifying for Olympics runner. She (the mom) and I swap stories all day long. I told her about Boston, so now I have someone to keep me accountable. I also LOVED No meat athlete and his drive, determination, and all around great attitude. His first marathon was just shy of 5 hours, yet he went on to qualify for Boston 4 years later. Almost exactly what I am going to do! Although I can’t see myself giving up meat as a protein source, my body would have a hissy fit. On that note, off to play with small children outside teach the leaders of tomorrow!

“Are you losing weight?”

April 20, 2011

I was asked the above question today.

Normally, that would make me happy. But this time, I just smiled and nodded. I have been here SO many times before, lost about 5 lbs, only to have it all come right back. So instead of focusing on the weight loss, I am trying to focus on my running. So yes, I am losing weight, but more importantly, I AM BECOMING A RUNNER.

Speaking of which;

I beat the clock!!

I TOTALLY set a new Pr for 5k last night.


That means I was running FASTER than I have ever run before! I am SO getting there, I can feel it!!

Now, today, after reading Aron‘s Boston Report, I want to go SO BAD. I want to qualify. I want to run. I want to leave my iPod off and just cruise, listening to the sounds, taking in the sights. I want my friends to be as proud of me as I am of Aron, and Mel, and everyone else who ran the marathon on Monday. I WILL be a Boston finisher, even if it takes until I am 80+ just so I can qualify.

I do have a question though. For you runners – do you run straight through, never taking a walking break? Because from what I’m starting to realize, almost everyone takes walking breaks at some point or another. I am still doing so because I get winded a bit. Is this normal? I know that there is this head game going on of “just walk, you know you want to, comeon, you will feel SO much better”. Do I ignore that stupid little voice? Or do I give in and walk? What about you? What do YOU do when that voice tells you to slow down and walk? (Or sit down, or get off the bike and walk, or get out of the pool 20 minutes early and sit in the hot tub)??