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School is coming to an end….

June 1, 2011

Time for summer to begin!

Time for rest (?) time for fun!

Time for playing in the sun!

School is coming to an end,

Time for summer to begin!

OH MY GOSH, I can’t wait.

For those of you who didn’t know, I am a music teacher for elementary aged kiddos. And my goodness, they are almost as ready to be done as I am! 11 more days!! (Not that I’m counting!)

I would be completely excited if it weren’t for the whole NOT HAVING A JOB TO COME BACK TO thing. Anyone want to hire a personal music teacher? I am really good with kids!! No? It was wortha shot….

I have been able to get a few miles in lately, but nothing to write home about. Monday I switched it up so DP and I could go on a walk together. That was awesome. We really got to talk about somethings, nothing and everything in between. While it didn’t get my hr in to Zone 3 (or 1, depending on which monitor you use) it was a great way to spend the afternoon. 🙂

ALSO – PLEASE check out Brie Fit’s blog. She is trying to raise money for the Joplin humane Society. Since you all know how much of a dog lover I am, you probably can guess at how hard I was crying at some of her pictures. This woman is AMAZING and she is doing some AWESOME things to help out these animals and this organization at a time where they need it most. So please, if you can help, click on this link to her Amazon site, and donate what you can. At last I checked, they have re-united OVER 150 animals with their families. Thats worth at least a $3 paper towel roll to me!  What they need is not glamorous, but it is essential to the job they are trying to do. For these families who have lost EVERYTHING, knowing that their loved ones are safe and being cared for in this time of stress and unknown can be a huge relief. So if you can, lets help the Humane Society do everything possible.

Thanks to you all and thanks to Brie at Brie Fit!

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  1. June 2, 2011 4:50 pm

    I didn’t know you were a music teacher! That is so cool!! …. in college I was a music minor for THREE whole days! Yep!

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