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I love food.

April 22, 2011

And the sun. And beer. Combine all 3 you say??? Well, I think I shall!!

Today is supposed to be my rest day, and I am supposed to run Saturday and Sunday.  But honestly, nothing sounds better than a quick run (4 miles) and then making dinner with the hubby while standing outside drinking a beer. This will serve 2 purposes, firstly, I can get my runs in today and tomorrow, and miss the rain that is supposed to come back on Sunday. And secondly, beer after a run is such a great thing, and add the sun in to the equation, and you have one HAPPY camper!

Yesterday’s run sucked. The good part was that I got out there. The bad part was the WIND. I also didn’t feel like I was pushing myself. My lungs were fine, but my body felt like it was moving in slow motion. I blame myself for not eating enough on Wednesday. I only took in 1250 calories, and I was on the elliptical and weight training that night at the gym. Whoops!!

Yesterday I got back up to about 1800, which means I have SO much more energy today! Woohoo! I also got to sleep in this morning which always helps.

I am finding that energy does not equal patience though. And that 6 year olds want to be outside on a gorgeous day like this just as much as I do. And that they have no self control (again, just like me!). So I imagine I will be spending a LOT of my last few hours at work today OUTSIDE. Have I mentioned I LOVE my job??

I have my heart set on Boston. I have read all the race reports I can get my hands on, and I want to be there. Not as a charity runner (at least not for the 1st time) but as a qualifier. I’m lucky that I work with a woman whose daughter is a major runner. Like, qualifying for Olympics runner. She (the mom) and I swap stories all day long. I told her about Boston, so now I have someone to keep me accountable. I also LOVED No meat athlete and his drive, determination, and all around great attitude. His first marathon was just shy of 5 hours, yet he went on to qualify for Boston 4 years later. Almost exactly what I am going to do! Although I can’t see myself giving up meat as a protein source, my body would have a hissy fit. On that note, off to play with small children outside teach the leaders of tomorrow!

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  1. April 22, 2011 2:01 pm

    Good job on your run – I totally didn’t run, now I feel guilty.

    I hope you make it to Boston! I will totally cheer my ass off for you when you do!!

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