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Gearing up and Goals!

April 1, 2011


So many emotions! AHHH!

I feel like this kitty right now! I have SO many emotions swirling around before my first Half marathon!!! On one hand, I have been thinking about it so much, that it hardly seems new or exciting anymore. On the other, HOLY CRAP I AM GOING TO RUN 13.1 MILES!!!

I am anxious, excited, terrified, worried, nervous and every emotion in between. And it’s only Friday! Imagine what the expo tomorrow will bring! I will actually have that packet in hand, ready to run.

Anyone have any handy mantras they want to lend to me? ‘Cause right now, this is all I got;

I know I can do better, but I think that’s about all I’m gonna be able to remember come 5:30 am Sunday morning. How about; “Have fun breathing“? No? Oh well, I tried.

To help distract myself from the entirely huge pink elephant in the room, I am going to blog about my goals for April. I am taking this cue from Lisa and Beth, so thanks ladies!

I am an educator, after all.

April Goals:

1. Get back down to 190. (will be a 7 lb loss as of this morning)

2. Strength train at least once a week, preferably on a non-running day.

3. Start training for the next Half, using Runner’s World’s plan.

4. After the in-laws leave, spend 15 minutes a night tidying up. (I usually just sit down after I get home, never doing much cleaning)

5. Be in bed by 10 each night, lights out at 10:30. Friday and Saturday lights out by midnight. (I find I am SO much easier to be around when I have gotten my sleep. I can almost pinpoint the EXACT moment I run out of steam/patience/will to deal with people when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. We’ll tackle the waking up on time thing a different month)

How do these look? Any input?

Any suggestions for this newbie runner’s first Half? It’s amazing when I look back at my training log on Daily Mile and see that I only REALLY started traininat the end of January. 😯 And even since then I have had derailmentsand short running weeks. One week I only ran 5 miles I think. Then last week, I ran 25. I hope that number continues to steadily go up on average. I know there will and should always be lean weeks, but lets hope those 5ers are long gone.

I try to tell myself I’ve been running since November (after taking the summer off last year. Yea, I know, what kind of runner takes SUMMER off???) but lets face it, I was a slob over the holidays. I can give you excuses like not wanting to go running in the snow, or on a treadmill with only 6 inches of ceiling clearance. (true story) But in reality, I just cheated myself out of those weeks. Oh well. Live and learn. And drink wine. Lots of it. As I will be doing Sunday, from my bathtub with a good book and *maybe* some ice in the water. But probably not.

Wish me luck!

Ps – I will be signing up for the 2:30 pace group, but my main goal is just to have fun, at whatever pace that happens to be.  If I come in at the same pace Tall Mom runs her FULL marathon in, then sobeit! 🙂

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  1. April 1, 2011 4:07 pm

    Well, as a newly crowned half-marathoner, my advice would be to not stress time too much on the first. I went into my first with a 2:20 goal. I didn’t take into account the days of walking through Disney World – and then the crazy heat and humidity. In the end we decided to just have fun, take pictures and not care about time. I have no regrets on it. Had I been too set in stone on my finish time I think I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

    But mostly …. HAVE FUN!!!

    When is your second half?

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