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Loosing weight and running

March 27, 2011

So I found Thedailyplate recently (again) and for some reason, decided to start using it. I guess I am sick of saying I am trying to lose weight, then going home and gorging on brownies and ice cream. Can’t say I had an “epiphany” moment, just wanted to get on with it.

Which led me to the fact that I only need 1700 calories a day. (If I want to lose 2 lbs a week) I knew I didn’t need as many as I had been eating,  but to see the number on the website really helped. I can log everything on there (and yes, EVERYTHING, not just what I feel good about) and the website will keep track for me.

Which leads me to some good news for the week – I’m down 4 lbs this week! Yay! Now I know that is probably a fluke or water weight, but still, it feels pretty good. 🙂

However, I find myself struggling with my runs. Take this morning for example;

10.5 Miles – 2 hrs, 5 min – 12:25 pace

And I had NOTHING. No gas in the tank. I was walking before mile 1. (Granted, it was uphill, but STILL) Thank whomever you want for Gu. I think those little packets were a godsend. I’m honestly not that upset, mostly because I kept going and got it done like a trooper. I am interested in the why though.

I know everyone has those days. Our bodies don’t perform well at whatever it is we are trying to do, and that can get frustrating, annoying, or even embarrassing. But we push on. We get better. (sometimes)

My question is this – if you change your diet drastically like I have the past week (MUCH fewer processed food, and much more carbs from veggies and such) and your runs start to suffer, do you wait it out? I need to lose the weight to be healthy, but should I cut back to only trying to lose 1.5 lbs per week?

If running continues to suffer, I think I will increase my calories a bit. But I need to give it some time. I don;t think one week is enough to really make a decision.

In doing my research, I also came upon MANY websites that decry (?) running as a way to lose weight. In fact, one article actually claimed that exercising was causing weight GAIN.

It all seems to come down to calories in vs. calories out. Yes, some people have a harder time with dairy or grain, but I really don;t think restricting those (unless you have a horrible intolerance like someone I know) matters until you are down to those last few vanity pounds. Just eat as many whole foods as possible, go on a couple runs, and don’t bargain with yourself using food. I used to tell myself “Self,:) if you get this done you can have a beer with dinner.” Which is fine, if I had the calories left to spend on that beer. But if not, then I’m just negating all that hard work. And dammit running is hard enough without missing out on the weight loss benefits from it. If I’m already working hat hard, I don’t want to turn around and un-do it the moment I get home by grabbing a doughnut. (Krispy Kreme = EW! Sorry mom.)

If you are as interested in nutrition, body sciences and weight loss as I am, that article is a good read. The author breezes over a bit of the tougher aspects of weight loss, but as he says, he has been 163 almost his whole life and doesn’t have the background to build an opinion on.

*Side note – DO NOT look at your berry or orange gu gel before eating it. Looks suspiciously like snot. Tastes fine, but the image got to me.


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