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No more bacon

February 27, 2011

I learned a hard lesson today.

No more bacon before a run.

You don’t want to know how I learned this lesson, trust me. It turned out alright, but it turned my 10 mile attempt in to a 7 mile almost-get-sick slog on the dreadmill.

I got about 2 miles in, then this heavy feeling hit. I hopped off, stretched, got some more water and was able to hop back on. As I tried to keep running, I could feel that I was not going to make it. Instead I turned down the mph, and turned up the incline. I pushed through 3 miles at a 6 and then turned it up again. I was able to go another 2 miles, and then hopped off.

So 7 miles. Down from the 10 I was hoping for, but not horrible.

Race for the Roses Half: 34 days

Training run: 00:47 run, 00:50 walk up incline/12:02,14:55 pace respectively

And I learned a few lessons.


2. HYDRATE (Even if you are on a rest day, drink like you’re not.)

3. If you don’t reach a daily goal, just get back up on the horse (or dreadmill) the next day.

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