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I needed that!

February 23, 2011

Also known as; “There was a young lady who swallowed a fly”.

I need to learn to NOT breathe with my mouth hanging open on my runs. But hey, I kept going. I didn’t even let it phase me. Whoop whoop!

Race for the Roses Half: 38 days

Training run: 6.79 miles/1:24:26/12:31 pace

This run felt AMAZING.

I am following the Runner’s World Half Marathon training plan, and on Wk4, Tuesday. (I take some liberties with the days. Meh.) I followed it pretty close, but I don’t think I had 2 miles at the end of the run. I also shorted some time off of the middle 2 AI’s, but mostly because they coincided with climbing the hills.

YAY! (See: sarcasm)

Beyond those two issues, I felt great. I think I could have kept going. But I had a little voice in the back of my head saying “You don’t want to hurt yourself.” So I took the right and headed for home. I could feel my ankles starting to tighten up, and figured I have plenty of good runs to enjoy in my future.

I can DEFINITELY see why people get addicted to this feeling. Going past your own expectations and assumed limitations is such an amazing feeling, I can’t wait for it to happen again!

New gear report:

Champion running tights –

My first ever pair of running tights. They were great until the end when they started to ride down a little.

Vibram Five fingers –

The longest run I have ever done in these. Besides being pretty cold at the beginning, I think these are part of the reason I had such a great run.

Nike Livestrong windbreaker-

Water-proof, so I threw it on over my other two shirts to keep the rain/snow off if there was any. there was a bunch of sprinkles, and I am happy to say that this jacket did the trick. Yay for clearance!


For you experienced runners, what is the one piece of gear you wouldn’t run without?

(Besides shoes :))

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