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Dear Big Guy,

February 22, 2011

I know, I know. The snake, the apple, the forbidden fruit.

I get it, really. But come on now, we all know it was the SNAKE’S fault!

We women do NOT deserve this monthly torture. Don’t you know I have a half marathon to train for?


Why couldn’t you give snakes this punishment? After all, the only people who really like snakes are boys (or men) still living at home in mom or dad’s basement. And they’re already pretty foul-tempered to begin with (the snakes, although the same argument could be made for some men), so who would really notice if they got a little grouchier once a month.

I’m just sayin.


A crampy, crabby, condemned woman.

Ok now I want chocolate.

And NO I didn’t run today. And I don’t suggest you ask me about it.


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