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Heeeeeeeeey, hey baby……I wanna knoooooooow, will you be my girl? (Or boy?)

July 15, 2011

Wow, so yeah.

It has been an interesting few months. I made a conscious decision to power down the blog for a little bit. about 2 months actually. The reason for that is that I really want this blog to be about a healthy lifestyle through running, jogging, walking, and however else I can get my body moving. The last 2 months I have not been able to get my body moving very much. But before you start calling me a hypocrite or yelling at me that I need to have more willpower (Ha, as if anyone would ever yell at me) I have a GOOD reason. 🙂

We are expecting our first little bundle of joy in January!!! 🙂

So, while I will spare you the gross details, the past few months have been spent trying to maintain some semblance of sanity while needing to sleep what seems like 24 hours a day. I am officially in to my 2nd trimester, and hope to start gaining some of the energy I had before back.

I WAS able to walk the Fueled by Fine Wine half this past weekend, and the views were spectacular. The route was EXTREMELY hilly and my time is unimportant, I was simply focused on finishing and feeling good about it. I highly recommend this Dundee, OR half for anyone looking for a challenge. However, please wear old shoes and plan on adding at least 20% to your pr time. These hills are not to be underestimated.

I plan on getting back to more regular posting very soon, and am excited to get some energy back for walks, jogs or whatever else I can do.Happy weekend everyone!


School is coming to an end….

June 1, 2011

Time for summer to begin!

Time for rest (?) time for fun!

Time for playing in the sun!

School is coming to an end,

Time for summer to begin!

OH MY GOSH, I can’t wait.

For those of you who didn’t know, I am a music teacher for elementary aged kiddos. And my goodness, they are almost as ready to be done as I am! 11 more days!! (Not that I’m counting!)

I would be completely excited if it weren’t for the whole NOT HAVING A JOB TO COME BACK TO thing. Anyone want to hire a personal music teacher? I am really good with kids!! No? It was wortha shot….

I have been able to get a few miles in lately, but nothing to write home about. Monday I switched it up so DP and I could go on a walk together. That was awesome. We really got to talk about somethings, nothing and everything in between. While it didn’t get my hr in to Zone 3 (or 1, depending on which monitor you use) it was a great way to spend the afternoon. 🙂

ALSO – PLEASE check out Brie Fit’s blog. She is trying to raise money for the Joplin humane Society. Since you all know how much of a dog lover I am, you probably can guess at how hard I was crying at some of her pictures. This woman is AMAZING and she is doing some AWESOME things to help out these animals and this organization at a time where they need it most. So please, if you can help, click on this link to her Amazon site, and donate what you can. At last I checked, they have re-united OVER 150 animals with their families. Thats worth at least a $3 paper towel roll to me!  What they need is not glamorous, but it is essential to the job they are trying to do. For these families who have lost EVERYTHING, knowing that their loved ones are safe and being cared for in this time of stress and unknown can be a huge relief. So if you can, lets help the Humane Society do everything possible.

Thanks to you all and thanks to Brie at Brie Fit!

4 miles

May 24, 2011

Got my mileage in today! Yay!

It was a beautiful day, and I felt good getting out. Even with a respiratory thing going on. My nose decided it wasn’t going to work for me. YAY!

Small problem – should have brought water with me. I hit a hydration wall at about 3 miles. Oh well, live and learn!

I have had some new developments regarding summer, so if you’re gonna be in the Las Vegas area around the 2nd week of July, hit me up! My dad and I are going to be enjoying the city and hopefully some shows, but he has to work during the day. SO I have all day free!

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Bad blogger!

May 22, 2011

I’m SO sorry guys! I have been such a bad blogger. This week has been a roller coaster ride, and I am just now coming to an emotional place where I can sum things up.

Monday I stayed home from work, with some pretty sweet tummy problems. I was able to go in on Tuesday, and went to the Dr. to try and figure it out. She had no clue, and sent me to get some lab work done. I left in pretty high spirits, figuring I should be ok. About 30 minutes later I got a call saying they saw something in my lab results and I needed to go to the ER.

Can you say cue the STRESS??

After spending 6 hours there, I was able to go home with a clean bill of health. DP had left work to come be with me (Awwww) and he decided we were going to Sherri’s for dinner. Classy? No. Delicious? YES.

Wednesday was a blur of tiredness, where no running was done. The rest of this week has been more tests and even less activity. I am trying to regroup this weekend so that I can get back to life as usual next week.

Oh, and DP has a rip-roarin’ sinus infection that I am trying REALLY hard NOT to catch.

FUN times in our household!

I hope to get back to more regular posting here soon, so be on the lookout for more incessant ramblings from this crazy redheaded runner! 🙂

Opperation relax – a recap

May 15, 2011

This weekend DP and I had one goal only – to relax. With things going on (or not, in some cases) with our jobs, and us never getting to see each other, we decided to spend a WHOLE day and night together. Like, an un-interrupted 24 hours. GLORIOUS.

I even got to get in a workout (The shred) before I left school on Friday, so I felt better about the indulging I was going to do. I got home, we packed, and off we went!

We drove the hour or so to Hood River, OR. We found our hotel right away, and checked in. We went up to our room (we got a queen room with a “courtyard” view) and dropped off our bag before heading out around town.

DP was a little upset that places were closed already, it was only 6. Oh well, we had fun walking up and down the main street. (Sorry, we forgot the camera guys.) Think 6 blocks of 2 or 3 story buildings on the side of a mountain. Beautiful!

At the suggestion of Lisa we walked back to Quenett Winery’s tasting room. If you look at the picture above, the winery is on the left, about half a block down. Literally steps from our hotel! Woohoo! We tasted 6 wines each, and agreed we loved the Viognier(delicious white) and Barbera(very rich red). I also loved the Cab Sauv, but DP vetoed that one as we have about 10 at home already. What can I say, this wino knows what she likes!

We hit up Horsefeather’s for dinner. They also brew beer under the name Big Horse Brew Pub. I had a Scotch Ale and a Stout. Went perfectly with the wings, clam chowder and flank steak salad I had. DP had wanted the Cajun Mac n Cheese, but the kitchen was out of pasta. BOO. So he went with the argentine flank steak. I will say, after not drinking for almost 2 weeks (or 3?) the wine and beer got to me hard. And when I drink, I want sweets. So we walked back to hotel after a very nice chat with a couple from Charleston, SC, and stopped at a pizza place/bakery. At dinner I was able to make more healthy choices and keep my head about me, but dessert went out the window. I had a brownie tart, and DP had a turtle brownie. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but we probably could have split one and called it good. We also grabbed some champagne on the way back to the room, and took everything upstairs to read and relax. Since alcohol + me = sleepiness, I think I was out by 11.

I woke up right at 7 the next morning. Damn body clock. So up I got up, cleaned up, and went down to breakfast. Our hotel offered $10 vouchers per night, and we took advantage of it. DP got the crab cake eggs Benedict, and I had my head back on, so I stuck with 2 sides, eggs and pancakes. There was no meal that looked good and healthy (they all looked HUGE), so I just made my own! Yay me!

We then grabbed our books and boarded the Mt. Hood Railroad! They had a special event that day, an old western robbery! I was nervous about it (I don’t like when people force me to participate) but it turned out to be pretty low-key. About halfway up the mountain, they train stopped, and we heard guns being shot. then the train started going again, and we had 2 “Robbers” come in to our car. They came around, made jokes, and collected the fake money we had been given. One of them kept texting, and asking for the women’s numbers. 🙂 They were more comedians than anything else, and the 8 year old that kept stealing their (unloaded) guns made it even funnier. I’m not sure it was worth the extra $6 but hey, it made both of us laugh. The ride itself was beautiful.This is from their website;

REALLY made me mad that we forgot the camera, but oh well. I guess that means we will just have to go back. We stopped in Parkdale for an hour, grabbed some lunch, then rode back. I read the whole way back, and it was amazing. I don’t think I have read for more than 15 minutes total in the last month, so this was a real treat.

After getting back, we jumped in the car and headed for home. It was still nice and relaxed though. We picked up the dogs, got home, and made dinner together with the help of our Quenett wine 🙂 Yum!

Sunday would have been awesome if it weren’t for me feeling crummy. Nothing specific (at least not without TMI status) but just overall blah. I did however, manage to get my plan done for this week:

Thanks to Beth for the idea, and to DP for letting me plan our grocery shopping this week! We don’t eat together except for Friday, so I’m on my own every other day.Hows it look? My goals/restrictions for this week are the same – no drinking during the week, and no dessert. I’m staying solid on that, especially given my track record this weekend.

I am pretty annoyed that Weight Watchers’ website is on the blink, so I can’t put in my points+ and see the damage from this weekend. I think I’m ok, but I need to be careful tomorrow, for sure. (My week re-starts on Tuesday) Lets hope that things get worked out before then!!


May 12, 2011

The sun was out!! I’ll say that again;


I was very conflicted on the way home. But the best kind.I had 3 – 4 miles on the schedule for tonight, but I also had my bike in the back, BEGGING me to ride her….decisions decisions!

I ended up on the bike! By the way, Washington has HILLS. And they suck. Moving on….

Woot! First time on the bike (outside) in OVER A YEAR. I call it a success. And I worked out for more than I would have if I had run. So win-win! I do wonder about the calories though – that seems really high. I had a bunch of REALLY fast downhill coasting going on, and I wonder if ‘Topher thought I was pedaling during that? Any ideas?

This week has been going ok. We got RIF notices, had a program, and I got yelled at my a co-worker. Yippee skippee. I did make both my other runs this week. Monday was ~7 miles, with intervals in there. Yesterday was 5 miles on the ‘mill. Seriously the hardest time I’ve ever had on that thing. Bacon + 45 minutes DOES NOT equal happy running tummy. Lesson learned.

As far as eating goes, I feel happy and in control. The “No desserts” mantra is working well. Even when I let myself have frozen yogurt, I knew it wasn’t a slip n slide, I just jumped right back on the wagon. I also found THE BEST shrimp salad recipe ever. Check out Skinny Gina’s Zesty Shrimp or any of her recipes really. Wonderful, tasty and healthy. I’ve been putting the shrimp on spinach for lunch all week.

However – Confession – I skipped my workout (The shred) on Tuesday, but made up for it today. I took the video to work with me, and worked out during my plan time. Does that count as a 2-a-day with my biking this afternoon?? 🙂

As far as goals – the 6am thing everyday is NOT happening. Still working on it. I AM proud to say that I am doing pretty well on all the others though!

DP and I are getting away for a night this weekend, and thanks to Lisa we found a nice hotel to stay at. We also get to go on a train ride! They are having a Wild West Robbery ride, and it should be a BLAST! I would love to get a hike in there somewhere, but as we have to be back in town by 5, I don’t think that will be on the agenda.

Cinco do Mayo!

May 8, 2011

Today was the Cinco de Mayo 10k. I set a new 10k PR!


Topher showed 1:08:20 as my moving time, which I’m ok with.

This was the strangest race I have done yet. Mostly because of my attitude. Let me backtrack a bit.

I got to play photog at DP’s Jitsu tournament yesterday! I went straight from Nanny-ing to watch him roll. I got there JUST in time!!

2nd place baby!

He explained things to me, but all I know is that when your opponent taps, you win. His first fight came in to a draw – it was with the guy on the right. His second fight he lost to a “paper cutter” choke. The  he and his opponent from the first fight decided to roll again to decide 2nd and 3rd. The rolls are 5 minutes long, and they had just announced “30 seconds left” when DP finally got the space he needed to roll in to an arm bar. Tap tap tap! Yay! He wins!!

DP with his 2nd place medal, and then with his whole gym. One of his mates won 1st in his division!! He actually knocked someone out because the guy didn’t tap. (Testosterone was at an ALL TIME high in that gym)

It was a great showing from DP’s gym, a lot of medals, and a TON of heart. Great work everyone!!

However, in all the excitement, I failed to remember to fuel. I had breakfast,(7:30) then a Larabar around noon. We went out to eat after the tourney, and I got a spinach salad. I was still hungry afterwords, but decided to ignore it. When I got home, I had some pistachios, and we got a pizza from Papa Murphey’s.

I think I just didn’t fuel enough in the beginning part of the day. I ate 2 slices of pizza (for 18 points+, sigh)


Got to the start this morning in the rain (thankfully it stopped right after the horn sounded) and shed the outer layer of clothes to hand them to DP. (who was there on 3 hours of sleep) I was fighting thoughts like “I don’t want to be here, this is stupid, I’m not gonna PR today….” etc, etc, etc. Whine, Bitch, Moan. Ugh.

So by the time .75 showed on Topher, I was DONE. I even thought about leaving, finding DP and going home. I had a goal of 11:00 minute/miles and I felt like my legs were too heavy and my lungs too tight. Nothing felt comfortable. Plus I forgot to tie my capri pants up, so I had to stop and tie them. Whoops!! Don’t worry, I WAS wearing underwear. I have not yet joined the commando cult.

After I saw the 1 mile though, I got my head in to the game and kept on. Stupid brain. It does so much, but can be so negative. (I hate to blame someone, but DP was a GROUCH this AM, and I think that affected my mood too. Who can blame him with a late night call in to work and three hours sleep though?)

So after I pulled my head out of my ass, I focused on getting the first 5k done. The first water station was AMAZING. They had cliff shots and gatorade! Best water stop EVER! That really helped me get some calories in and some energy to my muscles. I won’t say I felt great, but better. I was smiling again. 🙂

The part I dislike of this race route is the industrial part, which just so happens to be around Mile 4. I kept going, and told myself I could walk once I hit 45:00. I LOVE walk breaks! After the 2nd and last water stop (More gatorade!) I was able to run the whole way back! Woot!

So I actually hit my goal! 11 minute miles!! I went out too fast, which may explain why my legs felt heavy. I was DONE at the end, but still kicked it in to high gear about a tenth of a mile out. Unfortunately, DP couldn’t get a good finish line picture because the 5k-ers were crowding the finish. Oh well!

Happy face! I had JUST crossed the finish line. So yay, stupid mental demons defeated (or at least pushed back down for a while) DP napping upstairs and a new 10k PR to try to beat in two weeks! All in all, life is good!